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LGS Board Meetings

LGS Board of Directors conducts an open board meeting each season.  Any one that is associated with the league is welcome to come to the meeting. The meeting times and locations are located on the home page under events.

Board Meeting Minutes (Current Season)

All current 2023 Board Meeting Minutes can be found in the following public google file:

Board Meeting Minutes 10/19/2022 @ 5:00 pm 

Attending in person: Jason B, Andrew, Dan, Jill, Lacey, Miranda, Bonnie 

No other attendees – Brayden came at 5:45 

Call to order: Jason B second Dan 

· Past minutes approved by all 

· New Business? – No members present 

· Board Elections – Jill and Andrew were nominated again, no other nominees were brought to the Board. This means they are uncontested and will remain in their positions for another 2 years. 

· Sponsorship 

o Flyers are ready, Bonnie will print 

· Side by Side 

o Dan has part and will attempt to get it fixed 

· Cameras 

o Went through getting 4 phones, prices, best way to complete this task 

o Discussed Game Changer and cost vs work involved 

o Agreed to table this as there is no clear agreement from the group on our path, Brayden is waiting on answer from Game Changer 

· Trunk or Treat 

o We have popcorn and cotton candy 

o Only 16 have signed up 

o Jill will send additional email reminding them about registration for TOT and the tournament 

· End of Year tournament 

o Still no update on gate fees 

o Only 5 teams have registered, Jill will send email and remind them that they can combine teams as well 

· 3U/6U Closing Ceremony 

o Pizza/capri sun and Italian ice 

§ We will order and pickup pizzas 

o Medals are here 

o Lacey will do 3U certificates 

· Parade 

o Miranda picked the theme of LGS vs Santa’s Helpers 

o Old softballs needed to make tree – Jill will request those in her email 

o Will also ask for volunteers again 

· Next Board Meeting will be 11/9 @ 6pm – 2023 dates 


Motion to close: Jason Seconded: Dan

Board Meeting Minutes 10/02/2022 @ 6:00 pm 

Attending in person: Jason B, Andrew, Dan, Jill, Lacey, Miranda, Brayden 

Call to order: Lacey seconded Dan 

· Past minutes approved by all 

· Financials: Same as previous meeting 

o Savings $48,534.98 

o Canteen: $178.25 

o Main Checking: $7,522.74 

· Bylaws Updated – vote needed 

o Unanimous vote to accept new Bylaws 

o Lacey will post on the website 

o Jill will send email for new bylaws and any board member changes 

· Board Member changes – RJ resigned from treasurer 

o Jason Brink would like to step down from President into the Treasurer role 

§ Unanimous vote to accept resignation and take treasurer role 

o Lacey Brink would like to take the President role 

§ Unanimous vote for Lacey to be president 

o Under the new Bylaws the Event and Sponsorship coordinator roles are separate. Miranda will be in the Events Coordinator role 

o Bonnie Swearingen is interested in the Sponsorship role 

§ Unanimous vote for Bonnie to be the Sponsorship Coordinator 

o Brayden would like to move from Canteen Coordinator to Assistant Coaching Coordinator 

§ Unanimous vote for Brayden to be the Assistant Coaching Coordinator 

· Canteen Update 

o Would like to look at boiled peanut options 

· Fall Jerseys – completed 

o Miranda will inventory and organize by 10/15 

o Lime socks/belts returned 

· Field Issues 

o Bathroom drains need to be snaked in both bathrooms 

· Sponsorship 

o Banners are up 

o We would like all fields to be covered by Spring 

o Potential fundraiser involving the girls 

· Pictures 

o Went well, should be ready for hand out 10/15 

o Tumbler fundraiser was up to $490 

· Side by Side 

o Dan thinks it needs a $40 part board approved purchase 

· Cameras 

o Dan, Brayden, Tristan will work on this and provide an update at next meeting 

· Opening Day Ceremony 

o Feedback: more pre-event set up, volunteer sheet sign up, move the food trucks where the generators aren’t so loud, kids were upset we didn’t have water slides again 

· Trunk or Treat 

o Andrew will do flyer, Lacey will do sign up sheet, Jill will send email and post on FB 

o Smores, popcorn, cotton candy, block off ½ of parking lot 

· End of Year tournament 

o Moved to 11/5 

o Carrie will provide, umps, rings, gates fees will apply 

o 3U/6U will have ceremony 11/3, 3U will scrimmage, we will do awards, pizza and juice and popsicles after 

· Parade Update 

o Miranda will price bracelets, softball bubblegum to hand out 

o Jill will send email asking for volunteers and theme ideas 

· No New Business 

· Open Board Meeting will be 10/19 from 5-7 pm 

· Closed Board Meeting will be 11/9 @ 6pm – 2023 dates 


Motion to close: Jason Seconded: Dan

Board Meeting Minutes 9/07 @ 7:10 pm 

Attending in person: Jason B, Andrew, Dan, Jill, Lacey, Miranda 

Call to order: Jill seconded Dan 

· Past minutes approved by all 

· Financials: Same as previous meeting 

o Savings $48,534.98 

o Canteen: $178.25 

o Main Checking: $7,522.74 

· Update on Financial Audit 

o Board unanimously approved purchasing Quickbooks to use 

· Board Member changes – Jason Marquez stepped down via email effective 9/7/2022 

o Lacey will get keys back 

· Gator needs to be serviced still – Dan will reach out to contacts to see what options we have 

· Canteen Updates 

o Meeting Monday to clean it out/get ready 

o Lacey will do schedule for workers by 9/16 

o Need candy for Fun Night 

· Jersey Progress – these are being worked on need approval for vinyl 

o Sublimation Ink was purchased 9/6 for $130 

o Board unanimously approved vinyl purchase of $50 

· Fall Season Updates 

o Tournament has been moved from 11/6 to 11/5 

o Week before tournament regular practice schedule will resume 

· Sponsorship 

o Board unanimously approved the cost of $60 per banner 

o Dan and Jason to get old banners down and new ones up 

· Camera/Wifi Update 

o Spectrum to be out for wifi 

o Dan/Lacey to work on GoPros/Camera options 

· Opening Day Update 

o Food, prizes, inflatables, face painter, and balloon animals are booked 

o Jill will send an email asking for volunteers 

o Decided on tickets/prizes 

· Trunk or Treat - Jill added to email as a save the date, remainder will be moved to the next board meeting 

· Pitcher/Catcher Clinic 

o Email as been sent requesting sign ups and volunteers 

· Pitcher/Catcher Practice 

o Tristan had a great idea for this, there was an overwhelming response 

o Agreed to split ages by time to help with volume 

· End of Year Tournament/Closing Ceremony 

o Carrie/Pine Grove will host completely 

o Lacey will talk to Carrie about gate fees 

· Equipment - Still need 12 in balls 

· New Business 

o Brayden Masters added as Field Coordinator – Andrew motioned, Miranda seconded 

o Tristan Kyzer added as Canteen Coordinator Miranda motioned, Dan seconded 

· Closing Items: 

o Date for next Meeting 9/30 at 6:30 pm 


Motion to close: Miranda Seconded: Lacey


Board Meeting Minutes 8/16 @ 6:15 pm 

Attending in person: Dan Allen, Lacey Brink, Miranda Allen, Jill Travis, Jason Brink 

Call to order: Jason Brink seconded Dan Allen 

· Past minutes approved by all 

· Financials: 

o Savings $48,534.98 

o Canteen: $178.25 

o Main Checking: $7,522.74 

· 1099 for anyone making over $600 

· Need tubs to organize shirts 

· Confirmed Fall season dates 

o Draft will be at Oak Grove 

· Review of registration numbers 

· Review of current coaches and where we had openings 

· Sponsorship review – Miranda to reach out to past sponsors again 

· Jill, Lacey, Miranda to take care of uniforms 

· Opening Day Fun Day 

o Lacey to book bounce houses 

o Jill will look for selfie stations and games items 

o Balloon guy/face painter 

· Halloween – decided to do a trunk or treat 10/29 

· End of Year tournament 

o 2 umps per field 

o Cost to get in $2/$4 

· Need to count rings/medals 

· Parade: Miranda will need to put together a meeting for volunteers in October 

· Equipment needs: Jason M and and Dan will review 

· Gator needs to be serviced 

· Vote on Matt Lam returning to coach; Jason and Lacey Brink both did not vote due to situation, Final vote was 4 to 1 to not let him return

· New Business 

o Clarity of rules with Carrie. Lacey will follow up 

o Security cameras up/could we use cell phones 

· Date for Next Meeting: 9/6 @ 6pm at the fields 

Motion to close: Miranda Seconded: Andrew

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