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Game Rules

Lexington Girls' Softball follows USSSA rules with Lexington County Recreation Commission Exceptions.

USSSA Rule Book: Fastpitch_Rules.pdf (






1.     All equipment must be kept in dugouts during games. 

2.     Players are to remain in the dugout during the game

3.     Shoes will be worn at all times. No metal spikes (the player will not be permitted to play in the game with metal spikes on )! Tennis shoes or rubber cleats are recommended.
4.     Jewelry will not be permitted during games this includes no dangling or loose fitting jewelry.  EXCEPTION: studded earrings will be allowed so long as they are covered at all times (ex. Tape or Band Aids)/religious jewelry is allowed but must be secured to the body. A player will not be permitted to play in the game until the jewelry item is removed or secured by rule.
5.     A team may have a maximum of three coaches in a dugout along with a scorekeeper.

6.     All coaching will be done from the dugout or coaches box. 

7.     A coach desiring that a child not play for disciplinary reasons must first receive approval from the league officers and then notify the opposing coach before the game starts.  In all other cases all players will be required to start and finish at least two (2) complete innings.  To assure yourself that all players play at least two (2) complete innings all players must be put in the game by the start of the fourth inning.

You can take a chance and wait until the top of the fifth or sixth inning to insert

players, but if you do, they must play a full two- (2) innings.


If you wait until start of fifth inning to insert a player or players, you must complete six (6) full innings. If you wait until the start of sixth inning to insert a player or players you must complete seven (7) full innings. If you are home team and you put in all your players by the start of the fourth inning and you don’t have to bat or complete your turn at bat in the bottom of the fifth, this counts as a complete inning). Failure to abide by these rules will result in an automatic forfeit. 

8.     Only the head coach from each team will be permitted to approach the umpire for an explanation of a call.

9.     Coaches are responsible for their fans. A game may be forfeited with repeated warnings to fans.

10.  Any coach who is ejected from a game will be suspended for one (1) game. If he or she is ejected for the second time, they will be suspended and must come before the board of that league and the Recreation Commission, for reinstatement.

11.  Bat slinging will not be allowed. Players guilty of bat slinging may be warned the first time. For the second offense, the player will be called out. 

12.  There will be no grace periods for the games. The first game each night will start at 6:15pm. The second game will start at 7:30pm, or immediately following the 6:15pm game. You must have a minimum of eight players to start the game, however on arrival of the ninth player, she automatically becomes the ninth batter and takes her place on defense.  If on arrival of the ninth player, she bats in any other position except the ninth, then it becomes an appeal situation.  (See USSSA Rule Book –batting out of order, BATTING.) 

13.  If all subs have been used and the ninth player gets hurt to where she can’t finish or if she must leave the park, the game may be finished with eight players. In this case, you would strike her name off the scorebook for the rest of the game and skip over her in the batting order. (This rule also applies if you use eleven (11) players).

14.  Teams will be allowed to score a maximum of five (5) runs per inning.

15.  Any team that is ahead by ten (10) or more runs at the end of five (5) complete innings (four and one half (4 ½) if the home team is winning) will be declared the winner.

16.  No new inning will start after one hour and FIFTEEN minutes, except in case of a tie. However, the inning you are in will be completed and the game counted regardless of innings played. Tie games will continue until you have a winner UNLESS YOU ARE PLAYING A TEAM OUTSIDE OF YOUR LEAGUE AND IT WILL NOT EFFECT THE STANDINGS in this case teams will play one additional inning in an attempt to declare a winner if this does not occur then the game will end in a tie .  The umpire’s time will be official. 

In the event of a tie or if time expires, the international tie breaker will go into effect the next new inning regardless of the inning you are presently in.

17.  Any player who has made their School Softball teams B, C, JV or Varsity team etc, will not be permitted to play in Lexington County Recreation Softball Leagues during the same season. 

18.  In case of rain, a game that goes five innings or 4 ½ if the home team is ahead, a winner will be declared. A game that does not go the full five innings, will be picked up from the point it was stopped.

19.  The umpire must be notified of intent to protest at the time of the infraction before the next pitch is thrown.

20.  A coach must send a written statement to the league officers within forty-eight hours of the game, stating the reason of the protest.

21.  Although the Recreation Department appreciates any improvement you might make to your park, please be advised no equipment or improvements will be allowed without prior approval from this office.
22.  All players on OFFENSE, whether batting or on base must wear a NOCSAE approved batting helmet with FACEGUARD

23.  All softballs must be a USSSA approved and stamped ball.

24.  In the 10 & UNDER DIVISION ONLY!  There will be NO running on the DROPPED THIRD STIKE and NO INFIELD FLY RULE.

25.  All leagues county wide will require DEFENSIVE players to wear a mouth piece unless a face mask is worn.

26.  10U teams are allowed to play with 4 outfielders on defense.

27.  All catchers must wear an approved catcher’s helmet when catching. Batting helmets are not considered to be approved catcher’s helmets.





1.    A ball thrown into foul territory is dead. Runners are awarded the base to which they are headed, if advancing to a base. EXCEPTION:  An overthrow at homeplate, the ball is alive, runners can advance at their own risk.

2.   Pitcher-coach is free to pitch from 35 foot rubber to 12 foot circle as needed, depending on the ability of the batter. 

3.  Pitcher-player takes a position on either side of pitcher-coach, (pitcher-player must be inside 12 ft. circle) to see batter and can move forward beside pitcher-coach when the coach moves toward the batter to pitch.

4.   Batted ball must pass home plate circle (12 feet) to be fair.

5.   Batter and base runners must wear helmets.

6.  No more than 5 runs per inning per team.

7.  A one hour and FIFTEEN minute time limit or 6 complete innings will be considered a regulation game.

8.  Other infielders are not allowed to approach closer to home plate than pitcher-player.

9.  Pitcher-coach should leave playing field after the ball is hit. Unintentional interference by the pitcher-coach is still a live ball. Intentional interference by the pitcher-coach, ball will be dead and the batter out and no baserunner can advance.

10. One defensive coach is allowed on the field, either side of  the diamond between the coaches box and the batter’s circle.

11.  There will be no bunting, stealing, drop third strike, or infield fly rule in 8U.                                                                                                                                                    12.  A game may begin with a minimum of 8 players. You may only have a maximum of 10 players on defense. EVERYONE on your roster may have a turn at bat (batting line-up is unlimited)!


13. In the event of a tie or if time expires the international tie breaker will go into effect the next new inning regardless of the inning you are presently in. The last batter of the previous inning will be placed on second base with 2 outs.

14. The speed in which a pitch is thrown by the pitcher coach will be left to the umpire’s judgment.

15. Any team that is ahead by twelve (12) or more runs at the end of five (5) complete innings (four and one half (4 ½) if the home team is winning)

    will be declared the winner.

16.  In any league that a coach pitches, there will be a maximum of eight (8) pitches to each batter. After the eighth (8) pitch if the batter has not hit a fair ball, foul ball that is caught in the air, or struck out she will automatically be called out.



Play will be governed by the 2022 USSSA Rule Book, unless otherwise specified below.


  1. The ball will be an 11 inch Softee
  2. All team members present will play the field
  3. Umpires will not be used
  4. Scores and standings will not be recorded
  5. There is a not a minimum numbers of players who have to be present to play
  6. Teams may have as many coaches on the field as they feel is necessary
  7. All players will bat every inning
  8. All batters will receive 5 pitches. If she has not hit a fair ball, the ball will be placed on the batting tee for her to hit
  9. All batters must wear a helmet with a face mask while batting, on base or on deck
  10. All fielders must wear a fielding mask or a mouthpiece
  11. Catchers must wear a chest protector and helmet with a face mask. If the team’s equipment is way too big for the catcher, she will be allowed to wear a batting helmet and stand off to the side, behind home plate.


  1. The player/pitcher must stand to the side of the coach/pitcher


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